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Lost Rebel Hearts: Generation Eel

(first published 2016, updated: 2020) Teenagers are too good, here is why.

Yesterday we discussed generations. You‘ve probably heard the names we give specific generations to clarify and define them. Currently there are multiple co-existing, such as Generation Y——also known as Millennials, Trophy Kids, the list is long—— and Generation Z. Generation Y includes people born between about 1980 to 2000. Generation Z goes from 1995 to 2010. And another term goes around and around in my head: Generation Eel. Let me explain you why (or Y, haha).

I was born in Germany (1996), so I can only refer to what I know growing up here.

At first sight there are tons of “good“ striking character traits of young adults due to the peace and democracy we were born in. We‘re said to be social, “civic-minded“, both in a local and global way——which might be also influenced by the increasing power and meaning of social media and the internet. Therefore we‘re called, too.

Such Good Girls and Boys

We‘re also tolerant and liberal. Individuality is our second (or maybe only) religion and we accept different opinions and contradictions. We are desperate for sense, purpose and identity.

We‘re special, at least according to our parents. No other kids ever before were told to be that much unique. My mama has been telling me (“crystal kid“) this every day, too. This nourishes our great expectations and ideals we have for life, particularly for our careers and relationships. We‘re more confident, entitled, involved. We‘re said to be more narcissistic than past generations. That doesn't have to be a contradiction necessarily. It‘s a part of us Millennials. We are all good girls (and boys of course). So good…

Too good?

The Metamorphosis Has Begun...

We are actually living in great and exciting times. Peace, democracy and freedom (of speech and expression) is spread over many parts on earth. We‘ve grown up with the duty to treat everyone equally with respect. That‘s an enormous gift, don't you think?

It's thanks to democracy. Thanks to democracy “tolerance“ was born. Tolerance. That means dealing with everybody and everything that doesn‘t harm the social and political order. Due to this “tolerance“ our backbone is starving. The Eel Metamorphosis has begun.

Do get me right: I think that tolerance and diversity makes us a lot more rich. But there is less actual discussions and questions to be rose.

A student and a philosopher are forced to learn the telephone book by heart. The student says: By when? The philosopher answers: Why?

One of my favourite jokes. Oh, you're so welcome, hahaha...——Anyway... I wish there were more philosophers in my generation. Teenagers learn about the Age of Enlightenment in school but are unable (or unwilling) to practice what we've been preached. To practice asking. That‘s why we lose positions. We don‘t care because of our——oh, so——tolerant attitude. If we had an opinion it would be the most expected one. Therefore I think many attitudes are just show. Just take a look at our language: In school we advocate inclusion. Until we go home.——Oh, time for another joke I love...

The Metamorphosis In Progress...

In school we learn to discuss. To deal with other opinions, to deal with conflicts and aggression. Our solution: Avoiding :) confrontation :) If you can‘t get along with your teacher or task then start bum licking. Don‘t talk to them in person. It‘s better to talk about them behind their back, right? We don‘t want to insult anyone. No, we don‘t. :) That’s why smileys saved our life. :)

We‘ve lost our backbones, guys. Eel Metamorphosis is in progress.

In school here we don‘t have a uniform. Officially. However, we are equal. We are nice and still. We wear the same slippery, plain skinny jeans and all the same black Michael-Kors-watches and bags ( update 2020: yoga pants and sports bras even though I hate working out.)

Every day we‘re free to choose and create who we are. So we‘re equal. Fashion has been a manner of expression. Actually, Gen Y is said to be creative. Why don‘t we show it? Why do we start talking behind their back when the jeans aren‘t skinny enough? We‘re living in a “Democratic” Republic. So why di

d we choose neat communism again? Why do we stare at rebels instead of being one?

It‘s society‘s fault. No, it‘s not. It seems to me that there were Rebel Hearts in the past. Just take a look at the movements in the 70s and 80s.

But where are they now?

Electric Eels, Where Are You?

Now, please take the time to turn up David Bowie's Rebel Rebel. Full! Please! THANK YOU!——I want no Eels ruling the world anymore. I want more discussion, more passion, more questions. I want more respectful answers and calm conversations instead of agressive insults on provocative questions. I want a little more bad——but authentic——boys again, instead of too good girls. I'm so sick of influencer eels with forked tongues. Stop being passive aggressively genteel. It‘s fine to be respectful by saying what you think.

I want electric eels, rebel hearts.

Are you with me, Rebel Rebel? Hot tramp, I love you so.

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