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kiss me, please.

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I'm proud to announce that I've lost my mind. I'm craving for someone to kiss me.——How the quarantine affects bodies, movies and souls.

Day 14│Dear Quarantine Diary:

It's official. I hereby proudly announce I've lost my mind. I think. Or I'm about to. The desire is just too strong... Will I resist? I'm really craving someone to kiss me right now.——Why?! Well...

Do you know that feeling when you watch a movie, they eat and two seconds later you crave exactly that kind of food? That's how I feel every time watching Pulp Fiction.

Oh, Laurence Fishburne, please save me some of that burger, please! Dude!

Same thing happens to me when I was watching Sex and the City. Every since time I wish I could have a cigarette with Jessica Parker. Oh, please... Or really, uhm, just a puff, I promise, Jessica. Come on!

Cigarettes, chocolate, sex. there are so many things to crave on this beautiful, healing planet right now. I thank God we're locked up and take our time to rest, heal, re-energize. The past two weeks I couldn't get out of bed before noon. The harder I fought it, the worse it got: The fatigue, depression, desperation. Time flies, what am I supposed to do? Two weeks already. It goes by so slowly, too. It's paradox. It's life. As I already told you, I've lost my mind. And I'm proud of it.

Duh, Reality TV & Romcoms, Thank You

What else am I supposed to do than getting caught up in reality TV and romcoms? And that's where kissing comes in. Have you ever noticed how beautiful they kiss in movies? There it is, the movie-burger-effect: I want to kiss someone so badly right now. Like in the movies——with all sounds, liquids and lights.

Please do get me right, here, though. I'm not horny like Lane Moore.——By the way, if you really are, here are some tips to how to protect yourself. Yes, there are more safe ways than masturbation alone. I was surprised, too. Lights? Camera? Now Dance!

But, no. I'm just craving someone to kiss me. Not even to actually kiss me, no, but to kiss me like in the movies. No personal feelings, conditions, expectations... except the fact that it's for show. As a young actor you learn pretty quickly that kisses for the camera are miles away from the feelings you get when you actually kiss someone. And the cherry would be: Someone you even like.

Hollywood doesn't work that way. Kisses are there to look pretty. Old golden rule: Always give the female, or female-identifying/-appearing/-feeling part your spotlight. You angle for the camera please, tilt your head and find yourself slightly behind your partners. It's really like a dance. It's an actual choreography. No wonder they have stunt doubles for that.

Ok... my 22 Netflix break is up. I gotta go back to work. But feel free to FaceTime me if you wanna film kiss me. It's safe. My mask has even flowers on it. Does that turn you on? Oh, I'm so ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille...

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