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Coco de Bruycker

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Thank you! Dankeschön!

donated: $ 10,798.01

Would you like to support my artist visa? Your donation helps me to cover the attorney fees, so I can stay for you for the #Oscars2037... venmo: @Coco-dB or...



"Hello, I'm Coco de Bruycker

and I was born an artist of survival."

Now I need your help to cover the fees for my artist visa.

I'm a German actress and voice over artist based in Los Angeles with energy, cerebral palsy & enthusiasm for

I unite actors with and without disabilities in Hollywood's screen and stage.

2019 I graduated from New York Film Academy with a degree in Acting for Film, successfully completing courses both in New York and Los Angeles. I owe this success, however, to hundreds of generous people who contributed to my crowdfunding campaigns int the past. Together managed to raise the money that was needed for my course tuition.

They believe in me paving the way as an actress with a walking disability. Thanks to them, I am on my way #acting change. My goal: I'm working towards an Academy Award 2037 to honour their trust in me.

Why does a visa cost so much?

The artist O1 visa I'm applying for only cost $460. However, the application process is complicated and extensive, which is why I'm glad to have an attorney who assists me — and has their price. COVID-19 made my income as an actor shrunk but I've managed to pay my legal team thanks to your donations that already have been made.

+++++++++Update +++++++++++

My case was returned with additional requests from the US Immigration Services. So there is hope! It's a MAYBE. My lawyer and I are working on a response  right now —

but that also brought an additional bill

of $ 1,500 for their extra work.

Will you help me out again?
We already raised almost

$ 10,000 for the original attorney bill.
I believe if we all work together we can finish it!

Will you be a part of my American Dream

and help me survive here?

The Scream-CocodeBruycker.JPG

Would you like to join us? You can donate to my work visa here... venmo @Coco-dB or...

ABOUT COCO'S ART (...of survival)

Mini Coco.JPG

"What if you fail?," the question I've been asked right from the beginning. At birth, I suffered a brain injury, cerebral palsy, due to a lack of oxygen. I was 10 weeks premature. Doctors told my mama I'd die. Fail.

But I survived——I spent my first year on earth on tubes and machines, but I survived. I'm limping. But I'm an artist of survival.

In 4th grade, my teacher refused to put me in our graduation play because of my disability. She said I might as well fail high school.——But I survived her doubt and graduated high school successfully. I survived. I'm an artist of survival.

When I was 15, doctors told me my disability would get worse and I'd lose my ability to walk. I'm an artist of survival, though. I trained and worked harder——and against all records and expectations, my walking got better. I survived.

Around the same time I was going through some dark days because I hated myself for being different. I wanted so bad to fit in. I don't. But Beethoven's and Kafka's art comforted me; so did Dr. Martin Luther King's speeches. Their language and dreams revived me. Just like I revive language now as an actress. I found my voice as a woman and human.

Again: I survived those days. I'm an artist of survival.

When I decided to commit to acting, drama schools in Germany told me, I'd fail. There was no market for actors with a disability yet, they said. But I'm an artist of survival. I went abroad...


As I was reaching out to people to share my crowdfunding campaigns for New York Film Academy, some also asked me the very same question. "What if you fail?" You'd get your money back, I said.

But what if I succeed?

I did. I survived. Because I'm an artist of survival.

Will you help my American Dream and help me survive here? 


Would you like to support my artist visa? Cool! Your donation helps to cover the application fees. Venmo: @Coco-dB

#NYCoco  Coco's Campaign 2017

 Supporter Christoph

I'd like to watch TV as an old man and cry some tears at the Academy Awards because I've contributed a tiny little bit to this.

#NYCoco  Coco's Campaign 2017

Supporter Stephan

I'm super-proud to be a tiny little part of Coco's story. She'll change the acting industry, I'm sure of that.

Director, Producer, Creator of Grandpa —the Film

Jennifer Dunn 

Watching Coco, I find something new to admire each time, usually while thinking Where is her Oscar already?!

Instructor, Activist, Filmmaker, Actor Stranger Things

Matthew Modine

Coco, you are light.

Actor, Instructor, Emmy-winning Producer  

Michael Laibson

Her dedication to being the best she can be not only promoted her growth, but had a very positive effect on her classmates.

Actor, Instructor, Author, Speaker

Instructor Frederik Malsy

Coco is a person with an open heart and a great idea and vision which everyone can benefit from. 

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