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Actress [f.]: a licensed word player
expressing what we all feel
but no one dares to say.

Coco de Bruycker

Demo Reel (2021)

Demo Reel (2021)


Voice Over Demo Reel - Coco de Bruycker
Commercial Demo Reel - Coco de Bruycker
Animation Demo Reel - Coco de Bruycker
Voice Over

Coco de Bruycker is a German-born, US-trained actress and voiceover artist with the desire to express what we all feel but no one dares to say. Cerebral palsy included.


As a thespian at heart, took on stage at just seven years old, where she discovered her “eagerness to play” (German: spiel wut) as director Philip Barth put it. Having played in various theater groups across the country, Coco celebrated her first breakthrough with Young National Theatre Mainz in 2013, starring as Sophie in Anna Segher’s Dead Girl’s Outing.


Fresh out of high school, she moved to London “just like Shakespeare did” to pursue her passion for theatre and story-telling. She was a Rose Player at Rose Theatre Kingston where director and playwright Ciaran McConville saw her enthusiasm already.


For fun, she auditioned at New York Film Academy which landed her a scholarship in New York City. “Your energy can inspire writers for new stories,” Golden Globe-nominated screenwriter Paul Brown told her in the audition room.


During her Conservatory program, Coco celebrated her US debut at Davenport Theatre taking the stage with The Real Artists and was active with Improv Now and Shakespeare Forum. A year later, she relocated to Los Angeles where she successfully graduated from New York Film Academy with a degree in Acting for Film. This was only made possible thanks to more than 400 people shattered across Europe and the US who backed her two successful crowdfunding campaigns and believe in her dream, despite her physical disability: Coco has cerebral palsy since birth.


She’s known for the psycho-thriller LATE (2018), which is on its festival circuit, as well as Daisy Swan in the Western Hot Shot (2019). She appeared in LGBTQ+ web series Bombshell and I Am Poison. In 2020, Kinderspiel premiered at the Annex Theater Hollywood with Coco as Truer in the lead role. The same play was adapted into a short film named The Physics of Killing in the same year.


”(Coco’s performance) was one of the most touching moments," says Jennifer Chun, director at of Force of Nature Productions. This is exactly what Coco is here for: expressing what we all feel but no one dares to say.

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